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UPIK® - Unique Partner Identification Key

Which database is the hit list based on?

The hit list is generated from the following databases and contains a note about the source of the hits displayed.

L: Hits have been generated from the current local D&B databases
W: Hits have been generated from the Worldbase
U: Hits have been generated from the new D-U-N-S ® Numbers checked and accepted by D&B or eUpdate from UPIK® which are not yet part of the current Worldbase

What is the D&B Worldbase?

The D&B Worldbase is an unique information base of more than 120 million companies worldwide comprising a large number of communication data, company profiles, operating ratios and worldwide company affiliations*.
*majority shareholdings greater than 50%

D&B collects the data of all worldwide partners each month on a particular cut-off date and generates the Worldbase from this data, which is then made available to UPIK® users free of charge after a brief delay (2 weeks after the cut-off date).**

*Information from the Worldbase is at best two weeks old and at worst up to six weeks old.
**Table: Worldbase cut-off dates 2008 (see UPIK® Basics: UPIK® Worldbase availability)

Is there another description for the UPIK® data displayed?

When you hover over the respective field description with your mouse, a tooltip will be displayed showing additional information regarding the respective UPIK® data field.