Unique Partner Identification Key:
Online − global and fast

Right at the beginning of 2008, your new online identification system for setting up and maintaining business partner information has been launched.

Assigning customers and suppliers clearly and always having access to up-to-date business partner information or updating this information: this is the UPIK® base − Unique Partner Identification Key.

This project has been realized with the assistance of the UPIK® members and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), supported by Bisnode D&B Deutschland.

Our goal was to facilitate access for you as well as to have processes designed in an even more transparent way − best is to test UPIK® yourself in order to benefit from these new functions and features!

New functions and features of

The re-designed UPIK® platform gives you easy access to all comprehensive UPIK® services and enables you to use UPIK® in its full capacity. Well arranged functions let you easily handle data, start queries or configure individual settings.

So far you could either request a new D&B D-U-N-S® number or update your UPIK® data via eUpdate when using the UPIK® platform. Now the following services are available for you:

UPIK® Search

Search for your own D-U-N-S® number or check your presently stored data of your own D-U-N-S® number. This basic correspondence data derived from daily updated D&B data bases worldwide are at your disposal and accessible via UPIK® search and display.

UPIK® temporary database

The new temporary UPIK® database displays new D-U-N-S® numbers or eUpdates of users in UPIK® as soon as they have been confirmed by D&B. They are displayed in UPIK® until the submitted updates are available on the worldwide and monthly updated database of D&B.


Processes of

All requests (e.g., setting up a new D-U-N-S® number, eUpdate or UPIK® Service requests) are stored in UPIK® (1) and forwarded to D&B (2).This ensures correct assignment and follow-up of all orders.

Each request submitted by you is confirmed by email, this email entailing an attachment showing your original request as well as the respective UPIK® reference number (3).

As a next step, D&B handles the request and the result is sent to UPIK® (4).

UPIK® then forwards the result to you, providing you with information on your original request and the respective UPIK® reference number (5).

In case of delays regarding the handling process, UPIK® Service ensures proper completion of the request process. (!).

Benefit from the new